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Cutest things about Savannah

Cutest things about Savannah
Kari Van Treuren

Over the holidays, many of us at Diamond PR said brb to our Miami home and traveled to other fun places across the country and world. This year was the first time I spent Christmas away from my childhood home and I’m really glad I did. “It’s fun to switch things up sometimes,” I told my holiday travel partner, Mom (who worries my one-day-in-the-far-future prospective in-laws will steal me away during holidays).

I visited Savannah, Georgia for a few days and fell in love with its quirks, low-key vibe, food, and its well, cuteness. While I was only there for a short amount of time, I spent sunrise to sundown exploring and soaking in as much as I could.

Here’s what I found cute and charming about Savannah…

22 squares

Every couple of blocks in the historic district of Savannah, there are adorable tree-covered squares, which are great for photo opps, strolling, frolicking, picnics, reading a book, riding bikes, and one of my personal favorite activities literally everywhere I go, people-watching. There are almost as many squares as there are hours in a day but definitely try to hit a few. Forsyth Park is another area bursting with activity and pretty fountains that’s neat to walk around.

River Street

Don’t leave Savannah without going to River Street. Yes, some of it, okay fine, most of it, is touristy. But no matter the time of day you visit River Street, there’s always a cool scene. You’ll find boats harboring and sailing off, shops and restaurants, artists, and an abundance of musicians and singers (we’re talking a different performer every block, with just enough space in-between them so that the songs don’t turn into puzzling mash-ups). River Street reminded me of New Orleans with its lively yet down-to-earth atmosphere. And did I mention you can take your adult beverages to-go and drink in the street?

Quirky food

The foodie experience and cute restaurant scene in Savannah were both on point. Treylor Park – a place my Airbnb host told me is so under-the-radar that it’s not on any lists yet and doesn’t have any wait lines yet – piqued my interest and surpassed my expectations with its PB&J wings. My second favorite meal in Savannah, probably due to the fun factor, was hibachi pancakes at The Funky Brunch Cafe. Most of the tables had griddles built-in so all you do is order your desired ingredients and then it’s a free-for-all testing out your artistic pancake skills while racing against the batter cooking. Another favorite dining experience was splurging on crabcake-stuffed grouper at historic eatery, The Olde Pink House. (Might be the most $ I ever spent on an entree but it was worth every bite.) When I visited the line-out-of-the-door Leopold’s Ice Cream, the flavor selection was pretty tame but I did notice they had some interesting seasonal flavors like Guinness and lavender.

Ways to see the city

While I didn’t take a trolley tour, I heard many going by while walking around and it’s a quick way to see the city’s best spots and hear about the city’s history in an entertaining manner. There are also bike lanes galore. I loved riding a bike around town and felt very carefree, like I was actually on vacation. Maybe it’s that you’re not attached to your phone, that you’re forced to take in your surroundings, or that it reminds you of childhood. If you can, bikes are definitely the way to go because it’s a fun way to explore Savannah and for most metered street parking, it’s a 2-hour maximum which requires trekking back and forth to the car and having enough quarters for a month’s supply of gumballs.

Free samples everywhere!!! 

Honestly, it’s embarrassing how gluttonous I was with the samples. Everywhere you turned, someone was like… Fresh praline? Candied pecan? How about a sample of $100 honey? Honey that goes perfectly with this sample of apple and cheese? What, like I’m going to say no? But to be fair, I did get some belated Christmas presents that might not have been purchased had I not tasted so many samples. I thought my choices were pretty solid and certainly items I couldn’t have picked up elsewhere: whipped passion fruit honey from Savannah Bee Company and spicy cheddar pecan biscuit cookies from Byrd’s. (I also got a cool ring for myself with a gold hexagon resembling a beehive that was designed by a SCAD student.)

Looking for more ideas of where to go and what to do in Savannah? Take a tip from the experts at Travel + LeisureAFARFodor’s, and Conde Nast Traveler that share their top picks.

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  1. AVT

    January 13, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    Savannah is a great place with undeniable charm! Your writing and pics capture some of its delights!

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