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“SXSW Blog Series: Toni Talks Social”

“SXSW Blog Series: Toni Talks Social”
Toni parker

In early March, I was given the amazing opportunity by our CEO, president, and Diamond Mob leader, Jody Diamond, to attend my first South by Southwest!If you don’t know anything about SXSW, it’s a set of film, interactive media, and music conferences and festivals that take place annually in Austin, Texas.

I attended the Interactive portion of the conference which featured panels from industry leaders speaking about everything from the latest trends in technology to social & digital media, marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, and more. Basically — it was heaven for who anyone who knows or wants to know everything about anything! It’s a place that will no doubt get you inspired and you’ll certainly meet a few creative, brilliant minds along the way!

Since social media is the name of my game, most of the panels I went to were digital/social-based which was great because it allowed me to see what the best-of-the-best are doing in social media, and even connect with some key influencers.One of the panels that I attended was called ‘Analytics of Social Marketing’ presented by IBM marketing leader, Amber Armstrong.

In this panel, I expected to learn about ways to better present analytics to our clients, and I got that — and so much more!

Here are some of my key takeaways from this social-focused session:

Listen to the market — and the individual
Sometimes as content creators, we get caught up in putting out what we think our audience wants to see. But are we really listening to our fans and followers? And what about our competitors? It’s important to listen as broadly as possible to both the market and the consumers.

Share your successes 
Did you pull off an amazing campaign? People want to hear about it! Share your successes like you would share the picture of your dog doing that cute thing he does when he’s sleeping. There are even media outlets that like to write about cool social campaigns. Share things with them too!

Hashtag rules
Want to create the perfect hashtag for your brand or campaign? Here’s how you do it:
– Try to make your hashtag 8 characters or less.
– Check to make sure there’s no existing traffic on it or things could get confusing.
– Use industry hashtags as well so you’re not only talking to yourself.Finally, I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes from Amber: “Treat Facebook like your coffee table at home.” Showcase the things that people might be interested in, plus tidbits about who you are, but be sure to avoid having a cluttered space.

More SXSW blogs coming soon so stay tuned for the next one!

O Canada! - Me having way too much fun at the SXSW Tradeshow.

O Canada! – Me having way too much fun at the SXSW Tradeshow.

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Social Talk
Toni parker

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