A New Era of News Delivery

A New Era of News Delivery
Ali Rehwinkel

For most of millennials starting the day well-versed no longer consists of turning on the morning news or reading through the daily newspaper. Rather than using the traditional news outlets, millennials look to retain their daily news via mobile resources, but with the fast-paced demands of social media it’s hard to interpret what’s real and what’s been let loose at the click of a button. So what news outlets are millennials using that aren’t overwhelming or inaccurate? 

As a millennial working in the fast-paced public relations industry at Diamond PR, I am always looking for free digital tools that are easily accessible, as well as readable that help prepare me for the day. See below for some resources that I now use after stumbling across an article on The Muse

theSkimm – A daily newsletter that provides quirky headlines while condensing the important global news from the morning that not only catches the readers attention, but also provides insightful commentary with a dose of culture.

Need2Know – Much like theSkimm, the daily email provides readers with pertinent news that they “Need 2 Know.” From viral videos and breaking news to pop culture and sports announcements, the outlet compiles the information in a fun way for people on the go. 

Yahoo News Digest – A well-curated iPhone app that delivers current news summaries twice-daily. Crafted from a variety of reliable informants, the app includes photos, tweets and Wikipedia excerpts to each story’s summarization and ultimately balances out the data received from conventional news outlets. 

So what digital outlets do you follow the news with that we didn’t already mention?

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