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Coming into the world of public relations, with so many amazing perks, one of my favorites has to be working with one of my childhood best friends — Carla Torres. Ever since I met Carla at a young age, she was always up to something (some might say she was up to no good, but that’s just people who didn’t know her very well).

Those who did know her knew she was always striving to become a success story before 30, a goal that she’s met by the look of her resume. So far she’s worked as a TV producer, Public Relations agent (so you know she understands how my side of how things work), a Miami consultant, a freelance writer to top national and local media outlets, and now an Associate Editor at Ocean Drive Magazine. So naturally, my first “Media We Love” blog post has to be dedicated to her!

In Miami alone, she’s done and seen it all. She’s my “go-to” Miami connoisseur whenever I need to know how to entertain myself in this big city.

Us Diamond PR girls have three main loves that come in the form of food (this includes cocktails too of course), fitness (we love our DPR Fit Club program), and travel (duh!). Therefore, I thought I’d ask my longtime trusted pal her thoughts on her favorites of each category in case there’s a chance we (or you) haven’t been and want to try something new.

See below for an exclusive interview with this top Miami journalist:

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1. Best cocktails in Miami?
That’s a no brainer – Broken Shaker or 27 restaurant  I’ve learned to not get attached to a cocktail because they always change, so whatever they’re making I’m drinking. Currently, I’m pretty obsessed with the corn pop fizz at Pawn Broker or aptly named Jane and juice at Baby Jane.

2. Best restaurant for a first date and why?
NIU Kitchen no questions asked. It’s under the radar, intimate and only seats 20 people, which reduces your chances of running into someone you know or have already gone on a date with. Most important though, Deme cooks up unique and wonderfully weird food, so you’ll be able to put him and his palate to the test from the start.

3. Favorite bar hang out in Miami?
At the moment I’m loving Pawn Broker, but my all time favorite is the bar at Gio’s Pond.

4. INEXPENSIVE place eat out and drink in Miami?
I love that I can get a bomb grass fed and local burger and side of mushrooms at Kush Wynwood with a beer I’ve probably never had before for under $20.

5. SWANKIEST place to eat out in Miami?
I wouldn’t mind having dinner at Zuma every night.

6. What dish do you often find yourself craving the most from a restaurant(s) in Miami?
Every time there’s gazpacho, steak tartare, spaghetti, or some type of noodles on a menu I have to order it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.56.03 AM

1. Best studio for yoga?
Skanda. Ken is like Buddha, and the tie-in with the dreamspell Mayan moon calendar totally gets you in tune with the synchronicity of the universe.

2. Best spot for a cardio workout?
Is there any other option besides Barry’s Bootcamp?

3. Best studio for toning your body?
Morphe Life Fitness. It’s called gravity workout for a reason.

4. Favorite instructor?
Carlos Tao is a yoga guru, and since he’ll be leaving Miami in August make sure you go to all his classes at Om Beats and Dharma before then.

5. Favorite juice bar?
Manna Life Food always brings me back to life.

6. Favorite healthiest restaurant?
Manna Life Food again. My favorites change daily, but the superfood avocado arepa with house made spirulina chimichurri is my standby.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.56.27 AM

1. Favorite dish/food from around the world?
All Asian food. Pho or ramen. I know they are totally different but I love them equally.

2. Favorite restaurant in USA?
Woah. That’s a loaded question. I have to go to Animal every time I’m in L.A, and though I only had Alinea during their pop-up in Miami and they’ve since reopened with an entirely new concept, it’s still probably my favorite.

3. Favorite restaurant out of the USA?
Central in Lima served up one of the top three meals of my life.

4. Favorite country visited so far (and why)?
Peru. Machu Picchu is unreal. And the food….

5. Favorite US city visited so far (and why)?
San Francisco. I love that everyone bikes everywhere. I love Golden Gate park. I love that you can be in forest on a cliff looking at a mountain with the ocean waves crashing below you all at once, and in the middle of fog. It’s completely surreal.

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Media Love
Veronica Pena

With a passion for music, dance, photography, and traveling, Veronica has more interests than she knows what to do with. She’s a chick-flick junky with an addiction to social media; a beer lover with a strange habit for only ordering the ones that have a really cool name.

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