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Time flies when you’re on Facebook Live

Time flies when you’re on Facebook Live
Michelle George

Lights… camera…live! By now you’ve probably heard of Facebook Live, a new tool that allows Facebook users to stream live videos to their fans, friends and other Chewbacca-loving humans.

Last week I popped my Facebook Live cherry when I logged on, and no less than five seconds later, I received a notification alerting me that Timeflies, one of my favorite bands from my college days, was streaming live.

Lo and behold, Cal & Rez, the musical duo created at Tufts University back in 2010, was sitting smack dab in their living room just jamming out to some new songs and hanging out with their fans, reading and responding to their comments. It felt as though one of my favorite artists was performing a private concert just for me via Skype!

Timeflies is known for their impromptu concerts where fans can blurt out topics and Cal is able to freestyle on the spot, seamlessly weaving the words into his lyrics.

The Facebook Live format perfectly complemented the singer’s ad-lib rapping abilities, and fans (including myself) loved it. It was such a unique experience to be able to comment on the live stream with a topic and watch the group in action. We’d spit out words and watch him freestyle it back to us.

Not only was the stream super entertaining, but it reinforced my love for Timeflies, making me realize how talented they truly are. The unscripted nature of the Facebook Live stream – knowing that I was getting a true, unfiltered glimpse into their lives – made me feel more connected to the group, a lesson that hospitality and lifestyle brands can certainly take away from.

Facebook Live’s unique capabilities – notifying users when their friends are also watching, and showing the consistent stream of fans’ live reactions in real time – is a fresh way to reinvigorate the sense of community that Facebook strives to create.

At Diamond PR we continue to brainstorm creative ways to implement the technology for our hotel and destination clients, and it’s apparent that we’re on track, as brands notice increased engagement from Facebook Live videos. Not only do live videos tend to receive significantly more views and comments than regular videos, but the Facebook algorithm also prioritizes these videos on users’ timelines, so they reach more people.

Have you tuned in to a Facebook Live video? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Social Talk
Michelle George

Never one to say no to adventure, Michelle is Florida native who seeks out all things new and exciting. From flying trapeze, to scuba diving with sharks to ATVing through the jungle, she loves any day spent under the sun

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