Create. Defy. Slay – What Every Business Can Learn From Beyonce

Create. Defy. Slay – What Every Business Can Learn From Beyonce
Lisa Schwartz

As a female-charged company, with only one very confident male in our midst, Diamond PR is all about the girl power. So naturally, Beyonce is a goddess in our eyes as she embodies what it means to perfectly blend brazen femininity and absolute industry domination.

A recent Fast Company article by J.J. McCorvey took an in-depth look at what all businesses can learn from Queen Bey and her unwavering reign at the top.

Here are some highlights from the article that I thought I’d share along with my own translations –

Find Your Leverage

Beyonce translation: Use what your mama gave ya.

My translation: Know what you’re good at and focus on that. Find your niche, hone your craft and do it better than anyone else.

As a recording artist, Beyonce has tapped into the use of video to create even deeper connections with her fans and continues to leverage that medium to stay relevant.

Own Your Narrative

Beyonce translation: I got 99 problems but my message ain’t one.

My translation:  Know who you are and develop a strong message. Be the one to tell your story, don’t let others speak for you.

Despite being one of the most famous people in the universe, Beyonce maintains complete control over her image. Even after the elevator incident with Solonge and Jay-Z, she kept her composure and refused to give a statement that would get the tabloids revved up, but then a year later came out with her Lemonade album where she alluded to the full story, in her own way and banked on it.

Marketing Is A Product – And A Product Is Marketing

Beyonce translation:  Don’t get it twisted, this is ALL my s#@t, bow down bitches.

My translation: In the case of Lemonade, the marketing of the product became the product itself.

Lemonade wasn’t just an album, it was a statement and a message that spanned multiple platforms and iterations that fans consumed as a whole. From the HBO special, to the videos, to the music and social media buzz, all of this together created the whole concept of Lemonade that took the world by storm.

Check out the full article here for more Bey-business inspiration!

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