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Media We Love: Evan Benn, Editor in Chief at INDULGE Magazine

Media We Love: Evan Benn, Editor in Chief at INDULGE Magazine
Jennifer Gillespie

Being based in Miami, our Diamond PR team works with a ton of local editors on all sorts of topics… travel destinations, staycations, food, wine, etc., etc. One man has remained a pivotal player in the Miami media scene for quite some time, and that man is named Evan Benn, who we honor today with the “Media We Love” badge. You likely know him as editor-in-chief of INDULGE magazine, or maybe you remember his legacy as food editor at the Miami Herald. Either way, you know him. And here’s five reasons why we love him.

1. He loves his dog. DPR loves our dogs, but I have a special place in my heart for Evan’s dog because it kind of looks like my dog. Blonde babes!


2. He loves weird beers. And weird coffee that looks like beer. And he teaches us about these things via interviews & Instagram @EvanBenn.

3. He loves FOOD as much as we do. Whether Evan is dominating at Pubbelly’s Summer Burger Wednesdays (I need that INDULGE Burger now) or giving some love to Red, the Steakhouse’s Spice Menu… We trust his food expertise and follow his lead on the city’s ever-changing food scene.

4. He carves things out of stone. Forget qualifying for Media We Love, Evan now qualifies for The World’s Most Interesting Man.


5. And most importantly, he keeps us in the know. Because PR people will ALWAYS love an editor who showers their doorstep with (several!) copies of the current issue.


Keep up the good work, Evan!

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  1. Patricia Andrews

    August 25, 2016 at 9:38 am

    Love Evan Benn…He’s one of the very best things to happen to Miami!

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