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Social Media Tools I Can’t Live Without

Social Media Tools I Can’t Live Without
Toni parker

As the Digital & Social Media Coordinator here at Diamond PR, I’m always looking for ways to make creating, sharing, and promoting content easier and more effective across our client’s social media platforms. With visual content collecting 40x more social shares than any other form of content, it’s important to utilize tools that help you get the most out of social media marketing to deliver your unique message. Fortunately, there’s tons of programs and platforms out there to help create, share, and monitor social media content. Once you figure out which ones work for you and your needs, these tools become part of your daily routine. Here are some of my favorite social media tools that I absolutely cannot live without!

Canva is a tool loaded with enough easy-to-use features and functionality that even someone with little to no design experience can use it to create a variety of engaging, sharable content. It’s pre-sized social media templates are super convenient for creating social campaign graphics or promoting custom content. I’ve used canva for everything from resizing images and designing event materials, to creating Snapchat filters and more!


For someone like me who juggles 5+ accounts, Hootsuite is the ultimate time saver. Instead of logging into multiple accounts and updating them one at a time, Hootsuite lays it all out for you in one easy-to-use dashboard. With Hootsuite, I’m able to schedule posts, make updates from multiple accounts at once, and monitor mentions and conversations all in one place.


IFTTT, short for “If This Then That,” is a program that lets you create “triggers” for your various apps. IFTTT has a ton of cool and super convenient applications, but one of them is sharing Instagram images natively on Twitter. Instead of sharing photos from the Instagram app which shows up as just a link on Twitter, IFTTT shares the actual image as a tweet. It saves your Twitter followers a step by allowing them to see images normally in their Twitter feeds without clicking a link, making cross-promoting so much easier!


Bitly is an awesome tool because it allows you to easily shorten, share, manage, and analyze links. Sharing links can take up way too much space in social posts, especially Twitter where the character count is limited. Creating “bitlinks” allows you to shorten any link, share it, and then track total clicks, where they came from and when! When it comes to monitoring results, Bitly is great for understanding how well your content converts traffic to websites.

What are some of your favorite social media tools? Comment below!

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Social Talk
Toni parker

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