Where to Next? Places to Go in 2017

Where to Next? Places to Go in 2017
Julia Cavalieri

Last week, The New York Times announced their annual (and much-anticipated, at least around this office) “52 Places to Go” list for 2017, marking the map for trending and relevant travel destinations in the new year, with captivating, 360-degree photography that’s sure to fuel wanderlust in the hearts of 9-5’ers everywhere.

A few major takeaways? According to the list, Greenville, South Carolina is the new Charleston,  controversial film Borat has helped propel Kazakhstan to the mainstream, Portland, Oregon is more hipster than vinyl records and mason jar planted succulents combined, Detroit is making a major comeback, and Instagram girls everywhere will still be pining for their overwater bungalow in the Maldives this year.

And of course, we loved spotting a few Diamond PR client destinations and hometowns make the cut, like Minneapolis, where our resident South Florida gal Veronica saw snow for the first time last year during a site visit to W Minneapolis and Le Meridien Chambers.

Coming in at the #1 spot? Canada… as in, the entire country. Many Americans of all political persuasions joked they would book it to Canada during this year’s election, but turns out 2017 is an ideal time to flock north with better-than-ever exchange rates.

Of the 52 places on the list, the tally is in, and Diamond PR has visited 25 of them, which is nearly half. Not bad, but we’ve got passport pages to fill this year, ladies.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tijuana, Mexico
Northwest Puerto Rico
Sedona, Arizona
Budapest, Hungary
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Minneapolis, MN
Kingston, Jamaica
Madrid, Spain
Langtang Region, Nepal
South Bronx, NY
Birmingham, AL
Hamburg, Germany
Athens, Greece
Detroit, Michigan
Marrakesh, Morocco
Greenville, SC
Napa Valley, CA
Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Ketchum, Idaho
Placencia, Belize
Sacred Valley, Peru
Portland, OR

These are the places on the list the Diamond PR crew has their hearts set on this year.

Dying to go to: Great Barrier Reef, Australia
“I am equally afraid and fascinated by the ocean but for some reason, Great Barrier Reef intrigues me more than anything. The fact that it is so large yet we don’t know everything about it is amazing to me. If I were to go this year, I would love to snorkel and enjoy that crystal clear water and take underwater pics – while hopefully not having a run-in with a scary creature *cough* (shark, eel, or slimy thing) *cough*.”

Dying to go to: Agra, India
“it’s a very architecturally diverse country with a colorful culture that I find fascinating — and I love Indian food! :)”

Dying to go to: Athens, Greece
“It’s gorgeous, it has a really rich history and it would be easy for me to travel to Santorini and Mykonos, where I’ve always wanted to go as well!”

Dying to go to: Lofoten Islands, Norway
“It looks like a magical place and I’ve been to Oslo, but didn’t have a chance to experience any of Norway’s beautiful countryside.”

Dying to go to: Belize
“FOR SURFING. That is all.”

Dying to go to: Marrakesh, Morocco
“Where else can you start your day at a museum dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent and end it in the desert on a camel?”

Dying to go to: Dubrovnik, Croatia.
“I mean, just look at that gorgeous hillside and all of the lights and sandy colored brick walls. It’s like something straight from a rom-com movie. I’d also love to visit Madagascar because who wouldn’t want to move it, move it with King Julian?”

Dying to go to: Zermatt, Switzerland
“There are a lot of places on this list I’d love to visit —  like Osaka, Japan, and Lofoten Islands, Norway, and Sanya. But I love me some mountains.”

What about you? How many have you been to? Where would you most like to visit on the list?

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Julia Cavalieri

Julia landed in the Miami by way of Washington, DC, after trading politics for paradise and the pursuit of Cuban coffee. Fueled by Florida sunshine, Julia bikes, boats and rollerblades her way to new experiences, and is loving life with her funny feline sidekick, Zooey.

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