6 People/Places/Things That Inspired Us in 2016

6 People/Places/Things That Inspired Us in 2016
Priscilla Ramos

Yesterday was the 34th celebration of MLK Day and Diamond PR was lucky enough to have the day off in observance of the holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. is a poignant example of how one person’s leadership and inspiration led to one of the most impactful and revolutionary moments in time. He stood for righteousness and fought for equality in a period where both of those values were wavering. That kind of passion and the commitment to abide by what is just regardless of the obstacles that present themselves is awe-inspiring in and of itself.

In celebration of MLK and his ability to be a catalyst of change I was moved to write this post and share a list of 6 people/places/things that sparked their own inspiration in 2016. Between the commencement of the new year and reflection on the changes that 2016 brought- I felt we could all use a reminder that this world holds some amazing people and that last year wasn’t so bad after all.

1. HUMANS OF NEW YORK. I first started following HONY on Facebook when I moved to NYC the summer of 2014. Over the years, the stories and people impacted me more and more. 2016 was a year filled with changes both personally and in the larger sense. The fact that HONY founder, Brandon Stanton, is able to capture stranger’s most intimate moments-  whether they be tragic, happy or trivial- made me realize how lucky most of us are in the grand scheme of things. The fact that there are people on this planet who open up regardless of where they stand in life and allow millions of others a glimpse in to their world is both a privilege and an inspiration in my eyes.

2. MICHELLE OBAMA. FLOTUS may be in to a Fifth Harmony song but she holds rank as one of the most inspiring of 2016 because she is “a great example of a strong and powerful woman in the public eye,” says Aly.  According to Alex, she loves her because, “She carries herself with an incredible amount of class. No matter what jabs are thrown or what people critique – her hair, her attire, her physical features, her parenting style, her man – she remains cool, calm, collected and classy.”

3. LIN MANUEL-MIRANDA. Jody says the Hamilton genius tops her list because, “The traits I admire most in people are passion, conviction and a never give up attitude.  These are not things you have to learn or train for, you can decide to have them or not.  Lin Manuel-Miranda is not only a talented, brilliant mind, he has all of my favorite traits to back it up and 2016 was the year of Lin Manuel.  He brought joy with his creation, Hamilton, and every interview or performance was infectious.  If we all contributed to the world on his level…..what a world it would be.”

4. ACTS OF KINDNESS. It was a toss-up for Sasha who couldn’t pin down just one person or thing. “I actually found myself inspired by a number of people and organizations in 2016, from those I worked alongside when volunteering with Hands on Miami and at the Good Hope equestrian center to big companies like Patagonia, that donated 100% of its Black Friday sales to nonprofits working to protect the planet.  I found myself inspired by the incredible wildlife and passion of the naturalist guides on my trip in the Galapagos with Ecoventura and also by the eloquence and poise of President Obama.” she explained.

5. NATALIE COMPAGNO. Michelle’s personal connection to a journalist inspired her to live life to the fullest. “This October, I had the pleasure of traveling to Curaçao with Natalie Compagno, a Seattle-based freelance writer who contributes to TravelAge West, Peter Greenberg and Smart Meetings, among others. After speaking with her for just one hour, I was captivated. Natalie was so well-spoken, so intelligent and so well-traveled, having visited almost 100 countries. I loved her carefree spirit, her spontaneous attitude and her willingness to soak up the world’s cultures. It sounds silly, but since meeting Natalie, I’ve tried to emulate her by saying yes to more spontaneous trips, by being OK with unplugging from social media for a bit, and by revitalizing my former love of reading,” she said.

6. JULZ GODDARD. Lisa found inspo from a fellow female boss lady. “Julz Goddard, who the New York Times deemed Snapchat royalty, and who took the social, digital and music world by storm in 2016. She inspires me not only because she has been so successful at making a name for herself at such a young age (26!), but her message of self-acceptance is what is truly inspirational. Julz goes from looking super sexy and ultra glam in full hair and make-up one night, to lounging with her team in sweats showing her Snapchat fam the giant pimple on her chin the next. She put its all out there no matter what is going on in her life or how busy she is,” she stated.

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Priscilla Ramos

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