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Welcome to the Mob

Welcome to the Mob
Alexandria Autry

Full of Facebook FOMO from our epic happy hours and IG envy thanks to our many travels, I’m sure you wonder what it’s like to work at Diamond Public Relations. When I explain it to my friends they say it’s reminiscent of a sorority, but in a few short months I’ve learned that it’s more like a mob – a mob with a thing for kittens and French bulldogs; who enjoys Barry’s Bootcamp and hot yoga; that could probably open up a Publix (yeah, we go there a lot); and can eat their weight in Crumb on Parchment, Rice House and Carvel ice cream cakes, but a mob nonetheless.

For a few of us here it’s officially time to get off the couch and join the party, which is cool because DPR sure knows how to party. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn in such a short amount of time. But after the company’s Thanksgiving soirée, an overnight holiday party at Playa Largo, a couple birthday celebrations, and super informative Monday Morning Meetings, we spend a lot of time together and have learned some pretty important stuff from the absolute best.

Ok, so Cheryl has the key to making your morning coffee look gourmet – just shake up the creamer reallllll good so you can get that froth thing going.

Pages question? Call Veronica.

Fact: Bryson Tiller songs CAN be played on an acoustic guitar, so don’t take no for an answer. Now, DMX is debatable.

Bryson Tiller

Excel question? Call Michelle George.

Sitting by the front door comes with a great deal of responsibility, i.e. don’t let crazy people in. Cool?

Who remembers how to make French press coffee? Call Cheryl.  (She’s good at this coffee thing!)

The candy bar is not your friend. It may seem like a sweet little temptation, but once you get in the habit of having 5 mini Snickers and countless Swedish Fish per day, all you get is a sugar rush and wider waistline.

Math question? Call Michelle George again.


You should put some thought into your spirit animal, don’t let the survey tell you you’re a wildebeest; you’re better than that.

There’s no such thing as too many questions.

Cutting birthday cake is an art form, and Kara is the arteest.

No delicate flowers, or wallflowers…just…don’t be a flower, ok?

Wrap dresses belong buried in the back of your closet.

And lastly, but most importantly “work hard, play hard” isn’t just a cute catch phrase, it’s the #DiamondMob way of life.

A special thank you to Gabi, Priscilla, Sabrina and Sami who contributed to this blog post. <3


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DPR Buzz
Alexandria Autry

A born wander and ex "military brat", this girl is used to life on the go. Originally from Washington, D.C., Alex doesn’t mind staying warm in Magic City. When she’s not cheering on the Redskins, Heat or Hurricanes, you can catch her brunching in the Gables with her frenchie pup, or anywhere with sun, sand and a mimosa in hand.

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