Women in Travel

Women in Travel
Sabrina Restrepo

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day. Being in an office made up of intelligent and headstrong women (and Gato – our awesome IT guy), I thought it’d be appropriate to shed light on three pioneering women in travel who have helped pave the way for female powered agencies like Diamond PR to thrive.

  1. Amelia Mary Earhart – A notable hero not only to us in the travel industry, but also to all women for being daring and successful in a man’s field. Amelia challenged the status quo by overcoming constant hurdles to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Little known fact, Amelia was actually trained by a female aviation teacher, Anita Snook.
  2. Freya Stark – Born in 1893, Freya became one of the first women explorers to travel and map out the lesser-known regions of the Middle East. The British Ministry of Information later employed Freya, where she used her knowledge of the region and its people to counteract Nazi propaganda, and spearhead the anti-fascist Brotherhood of Freedom movement. She was also accredited for writing 24 travel books and autobiographies, along with eight volumes of letters about her adventures in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Yemen.
  3. Jeanne Baret – Taught by her family to be an “herb woman”, Jeanne took a major risk and dressed as a man in order to join a French Expedition team set out to discover new worlds. Eventually she was outed, but by 1775 she was recognized as the discoverer of several new plant species that helped advance medicine, and as the first woman to circumnavigate the globe.

For a more complete list of female travel heroes who refused to take no for an answer, make sure to read CN Traveler’s list of ‘Flying Solo: 13 Women Who Made Travel History’. We owe a lot to these brave women and hope you too are inspired to follow your passions and break barriers for the generations of women ahead of us. #GirlPower

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Sabrina Restrepo

Sabrina is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Public Relations. A fluent Spanish speaker and lover of local art and craft cocktails, Miami is the perfect place for her to call home. When she isn’t busy living her staycation dreams, she’s back home visiting her 3 younger sisters in Orlando or out exploring the next great foodie destination.

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