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Eating My Way Through NYC in a New York Minute

Eating My Way Through NYC in a New York Minute
Sami Aponte

The unofficial motto for the DPR mob is “work hard, play hard” and the team does just that by jetting off to destinations for media events, strategy meetings, and press trips, and returning to work the next day like nothing happened, so I figured, why not take a quick trip for leisure?

This weekend, I headed to New York City for a quick escape from the crowds of Ultra Music Festival to indulge in NYC’s famed foodie spots, including SoHo bakery and restaurant Sadelle’s, a speakeasy in Chelsea called Bathtub Gin, and trending East Village cheesy restaurant, Raclette (you may notice them from this Insider video that’s been circling social media for months).

As someone who will never think there’s such a thing as too much cheese, Raclette was everything I’ve ever dreamed a restaurant could be. They serve simple dishes like roasted potatoes with asparagus and prosciutto, then jazz things up by melting a cheese wheel and carving it right on your plate, resulting in heavenly forkfuls of veggie-cheesy goodness.

While waiting for my food to arrive, I kept my eye on the woman whose job was to go to each table and melt cheese on each dish, admiring her skill, wondering exactly what her job title is and whether or not I should consider a career change. When my food arrived, I was sure to take a video of the experience as my own memento and watched it about ten times on the plane ride home.

Sami at Sadelle’s:


Cheesy goodness at Raclette:


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Sami Aponte

As a Miami native, Samantha has grown up watching Miami flourish into the bustling city it is today. When she’s not jogging the bridge at Key Biscayne, she’s trying new restaurants, crossing Penguin Classics off her reading list, or planning her next trip.

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