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Experiencing Rincon Like a Local

Experiencing Rincon Like a Local
Shafina Ghanie

Here at DPR, whether it be for work or play, our team has traveled from coast to coast, across the world and have relished in some pretty amazing sights. We’ve seen everything from turquoise beaches to mountains and volcanoes! In my never-ending search for epic sunsets, my recent travels led me to Rincon, Puerto Rico – and it sure did not disappoint.

My goal for the weekend was to experience Rincon as a local. I quickly learned that locals there are obsessed with Acai bowls, smoothies and coffee. Seriously, everyone seemed to be a latte artist…not that I’m complaining! I was surprised to see how health-conscious everyone was and that the restaurants offered plenty of vegan-friendly menu items.

For those looking for an island getaway that’s simple to plan and offers sweeping views and adventure, Puerto Rico is the way to go. I’ve always wanted to see the famous surfing beaches of the island’s west coast so I had to check it out. The waves were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. However, the choppy water can be slightly intimidating if you’ve never surfed before. After an action-packed day filled with all the sun, sand and water I could ever want, the day ended with the most amazing sunset.

Next, I wanted to explore the land. I’ve always associated beautiful beaches with Puerto Rico and didn’t realize how mountainous it is in reality. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were such beautiful tours and trails to hike, including the mysterious Cueva del Viento in Guajataca, the historical lighthouse at Cabo Rojo, the salt flats and nature preserve at Cabo Rojo and the Guanica dry forest.

In my opinion, Rincon is the perfect, off-the-grid getaway and conveniently just a short drive away from the island’s capital, San Juan. From sweeping views to delicious food, this 48-hour trip definitely satisfied my thirst for adventure. It was short and sweet and one for the books!

A few of my favorite spots:

Where to snack: Head to BD Cafe to energize with a sensational, protein-packed Acai bowl and refreshing smoothies.

Where to dine: The Green Thumb Grill has a great selection of food that is a for sure crowd pleaser. The fish tacos are a must!! They have staple menu items but different specials each night.

Where to drink: The Beach House is an amazing local bar with great drink specials, situated by the water for an amazing view.

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Shafina Ghanie

A Gator Girl, music lover and travel enthusiast, Shafina is always looking for her next adventure or simply on a mission to discover the best food spots in town. With a weakness for an amazing view, from beaches to mountains, you can find her exploring the world with friends and family in her free time.

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