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How To Take a Roadtrip With Your Four-Legged Friend

How To Take a Roadtrip With Your Four-Legged Friend
Liz Eads

If you’re like me, you can’t get through your day without thinking of your pup at least once while at the office (doesn’t help that I have an 8X8″ canvas photo sitting on my desk of my two favorite cuties!). And when the travel bug bites me, I immediately want to pack my bags and a tote for my two four-legged friends and begin thinking about all the cute photos I’ll Instagram of us on the beach. And then I think about the logistics and ugh, that photo of us running on the beach seems a little harder to get to.


Lucky for me, working at Diamond PR and seeing all the ins and outs of travel has helped with the puppy travel planning by a long shot. Here’s a few helpful hints to make that road trip #pawsome:

-Accommodations: While many hotels are ‘pet friendly’, take the time to find a place with a pet package with added perks. This will help you pack light for your doggie’s tote bag, and give your pup some new things to enjoy. Though all W Hotels are pet friendly, the W Fort Lauderdale VIP Pet Suite comes with a doggie bed, water and food bowls, doggie treats, custom bandana (which is totally going to rack up the IG likes) and the package also waives the pet deposit and the daily clean up fee – so your wallet and your pup will love it. Also, look for a place that’s near a dog park, or better yet, next to miles of biking/hiking trails your pup will be excited about for hours. Suncadia Resort in Washington has more than 40 miles of outlined trails for its guests to roam. Guaranteed your pup won’t be bored, and you’ll enjoy the sites and sounds of the mountain landscape.


Car Treats: If you opt for a hotel with a package and doggie amenities, you can save space and entertain your pup in your car with a few of these nifty gadgets. The Gulpy is a great way for your pup to get water on the go. It dispenses just the right amount of water per stop, and since it’s contained, you don’t have to throw out the unused water. Keep your furry friend entertained for hours with a Redbarn peanut butter bone, it’s the only treat you’ll need to pack! The peanut butter’s on the inside, so they really have to work to get it out – and trust me, it can keep them occupied for a while!

Adventure Time: Ever wondered what the world looks like through your dog’s eyes? Well with the GoPro Fetch harness, you can see it! I love this because I put it on both my pups, and then I get great photos of each other from the other’s GoPro.


Well there you have it – these travel tips have helped me turn these puppy adventures from ruff to riches.
Can’t wait for my next adventure with my favorite duo. The only question is, where to next?!


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Travel Tips
Liz Eads

A true Floridian, Liz can be found zip lining, mountain biking, horseback riding or jogging through any destination where the weather is 75 degrees or higher. This die-hard FSU fan has a passion for theater, travel, horses, and a certain adorable pig on Instagram who goes by the name of Poppleton.

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