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Where are you Getting your Basketball News from?

Where are you Getting your Basketball News from?
Jenice Bastidas

As a Diamond PR  newbie, I’ve come to love and appreciate all things communication-wise our society has to offer. With that being said, social media has stolen my heart since the moment I found interest in basketball. Coming from a university where school spirit is always in high demand (Go Noles!), watching games has always caused a great level of excitement within me. So I took it upon myself to read up on what goes on behind the games: the process, the training, the prep work, the marketing… it’s fascinating! 

Recently, the NBA Draft took place and I have to say, social media had me in awe. I was receiving notifications of the draft pick selections before they were even being announced in the actual show. Once I realized how reliable these accounts were, I hit the notification alerts button and I haven’t looked back since.

Today, I’ve gathered my top five Twitter accounts for you all who want to be in the loop within the basketball world or just want a good laugh (their memes always give me life)! These accounts are the perfect starting point for newbies like me or highly indulged fans. Enjoy! 

#1 Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport)
The Bleacher Report has become my sports bible. You literally receive up to date news every few minutes. It is a sports site, so they do not only discuss basketball, but it is by far my favorite. Not to mention their meme’s and videos are always on point! is all about basketball. It is a website but their Twitter account is a go-to for me as well. They offer daily video footage, recaps, and the top plays of each game.

#3 Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn)
Adrian Wojnarowski knows everything there is to know about the sport! He is an ESPN NBA insider, but the guy has sources everywhere. His Twitter account gives you access to the latest trades, free agents, injuries, team updates, and contract deals.

#4 The Vertical (@TheVertical)
The Vertical is a hub of NBA breaking news and information. I personally like The Vertical’s Twitter account because it not only discloses information on its own, but it’s also constantly sharing information provided from other analysts and NBA sports writers. If you look at its newsfeed you’ll see a variety of news from different writers. It’s just great. 

Now you know I’m clearly a Noles fan! is my ideal Twitter account when I want to know what’s going on in the FSU college basketball spectrum. Although it covers all FSU athletics, it showcases a good amount of basketball information. It provides the most up to date information on not only current players, but recent grad players, NBA prospects, and college recruitments… I just love it. 

As you can imagine my phone is constantly flowing with notifications thanks to these twitter accounts… and I couldn’t be happier.  

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  1. carolyn

    August 3, 2017 at 11:33 am

    I started reading this because my son is a fanatic for basketball. I will save it for him to read later

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Jenice Bastidas

A proud FSU graduate and South Florida native, Jenice is a fun loving girl with a serious obsession for Family Guy. She considers herself a home body but is not afraid to take a stroll into the night life scene every so often. You can find her reading up on the latest NBA news or getting her butt kicked at her YouFit’s insanity classes.

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