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What’s New & Cool – Frost

What’s New & Cool – Frost
Liz Eads

For the past three years, I’ve absolutely loved living in Fort Lauderdale. I never really ventured out into Miami that often, since I found everything that I love to do right here in my own backyard. However, a few months back I started working at the amazing Diamond PR agency in Miami and I have to admit, the 305 bug bit me.

All within the past week, I’ve discovered so many fascinating attractions, all within a few miles of the DPR office. My new go-to lunch spot, Freshii  (get the Oaxaca bowl!), my favorite place to grab a happy hour cocktail, The Anderson, and my new favorite place to geek out, the Frost Science Museum. This new museum opened two months ago and is out of this world – quite literally considering the first exhibit I got to nerd out in was “Space.” It had a great mix of interactive and educational elements, and the asteroid show inside the planetarium was awesome.


After that I made my way up to the rooftop where the stingrays, snakes, gators, owls and other birds are stationed. Favorite part – petting the stingrays (after a few minutes of mustering up the courage.) Least favorite part – the snakes – I walked right past those bad boys.


From there you can walk down the center of the museum and explore the different levels of the aquarium, which include a ‘dive’ and ‘deep’ section. The dive floor has a bunch of colorful fish (I found Nemo and 20 of his cousins!) turtle shells, seahorses and more. The deep level had a few different types of jellyfish, deep-water fish and a few sharks – I totally hummed the Jaws theme song every time it swam over us in the aquarium.


Honestly, it was such a fun way to nerd out. Even the kiddo floor was entertaining with a light-up activity floor and live science demonstrations. The museum’s planning on adding in a few different exhibits over the next few months, so I’ll definitely be back for round two soon.

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Travel Tips
Liz Eads

A true Floridian, Liz can be found zip lining, mountain biking, horseback riding or jogging through any destination where the weather is 75 degrees or higher. This die-hard FSU fan has a passion for theater, travel, horses, and a certain adorable pig on Instagram who goes by the name of Poppleton.

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