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Dubbed “The Six” by rap icon Drake for its 416 area code, Toronto is a city full of fun, food, and good-looking people. Go ahead and book your flight, this blog post will be here when you get back!


Ok, eye candy aside, I’ve been wanting to visit this city since Degrassi (Drake’s rise to stardom), the introduction of The Weeknd (who is my musical obsession), and Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend, the Biebs, simply added to the appeal. Luckily, working at Diamond PR allows me to live my best life. With #WorkPerks like Summer Fridays, we have ample time to hop flights and see a piece of the world for the weekend, only to come back and jet off to a press trip or media event to see another piece.

There’s so much to see and do in Toronto, but below are six things I thoroughly enjoy in “The Six”.

1. Poutine

Fries + cheese + hot gravy = melty, cheesy, gooey goodness. During my 3 days in Toronto, I had food truck poutine, sit-down restaurant poutine, and UberEat’s poutine which were all equally amazing.



$225 gets you access to “Toronto’s Most Extreme Attraction”. Basically, you get to walk on a 5-foot wide ledge around the top of the famous CN Tower (1,168 feet in the air) with a bungee cord attached. Do it for the bragging rights, Instagram pics, and unmatched #Views.


3. Caribana

Toronto is incredibly diverse and their Caribbean Carnival is known as Caribana. Think endless parties, celeb appearances and those gorgeous costumes. It usually takes place during the first week of August and attracts quite the crowd, so book your flight early for this one.

4. Queen St. / F As in Frank 

Hit Queen Street for all of the coolest thrift stores and boutique shops. I had to stop inside The Condom Shack, a cozy little store with an impressive selection adult-themed goods.

T-Shirts and jeans are my unofficial uniform, so I’d been following F as in Frank, a Toronto-based vintage wholesale shop, for a few years.  Surrounded by oversized vintage tees and jean jackets, I was in heaven.


5. “So Butter” Day Party

This is a weekly day party taking place each Sunday from 3-9pm. It features nice music and is great place to see those good-looking people mentioned in paragraph 1. #NeedISayMore? #ThankMeLater


6. Warehouse

Everything at this little Queen St. gem is $5…all the time! Tacos, pasta, salads, burgers…all $5, always. I’m still amazed. They also play 90’s/early 2000’s music, bringing you back to your true “wheelchair Jimmy” days.

If by some chance food, racially ambiguous men, thrills, parties and concert tees half your age aren’t your thing, I hope you won’t let this post deter you, as it barely makes a dent in all that the lovely city of Toronto has to offer. As we say with Hedonism II, our sex-positive, clothing-optional property, it is whatever you make it, and I find that to be true about most places you travel to. Wherever you go, take your personal flair to do all the things you love, like jamming out to hip-hop and adding to your personal collection. But also take an open mind, to try that poutine, that crazy condom store or who knows, maybe even venture off to the nude side. 😉


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Alexandria Autry

A born wander and ex "military brat", this girl is used to life on the go. Originally from Washington, D.C., Alex doesn’t mind staying warm in Magic City. When she’s not cheering on the Redskins, Heat or Hurricanes, you can catch her brunching in the Gables with her frenchie pup, or anywhere with sun, sand and a mimosa in hand.

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