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Alexandria Autry

In my year and some change at Diamond PR, I’ve probably traveled more than I have in my 26 years of life (also probably an exaggeration). But with such a great amount of time spent in the air, at airport bars, hanging out in customs and on some of the most beautiful beaches, I may have learned a thing or two. While I’m certainly no bi-coastal Jody, I’m also not practically a resident of Curacao or Bimini like Michelle and Julia, and have you ever flipped through Lisa’s passport?! – But, I am learning from the best how to be a travel professional and a professional traveler at the same damn time.

Check out just a few tips I’ve picked up along the way:


My baby Tumi is easily one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve received (Thanks Jod!) It’s the perfect size for the over head compartment, plus I cherish it too much to ever check it. Sure, there are times when you have to check a bag (when you don’t want your tanning oil to get confiscated, your collection of essential anti-aging products has gotten out of control or you’re carrying around media event materials) but whenever possible, I suggest de-cluttering your suitcase & carrying on. You’re probably not going to wear half of that stuff anyway and no one wants to wait with you at bag claim, just being honest. Plus, it’s free and there’s zero chance of it getting lost.

Flashback to the time my flight had an emergency landing and I got to spend the night with about 40 strangers at the lovely Orlando International Airport (now that’s luxury -_-). I had my Tumi in tow, so I washed my face & brushed my teeth in the airport bathroom and layered up with some of the clothes I packed because those places get COLD at 3AM. Good times.



Okay. Major key alert: Don’t miss your flight. It’s a no-no and the quickest way to send your trip into complete chaos and appear incredibly irresponsible (if you’re a travel professional).


Flashback to me calling Lisa on the verge of tears in the backseat of my Uber at 9AM because my driver…can’t drive, it’s pouring outside & I don’t want to miss my flight to the Jerk-Off. Luckily, I made it and am here to tell the story. Leave your house ridiculously early, invest in TSA pre-check, skip the party the night before if you have to be at the airport early. Seriously, just get there. It’ll be fun and you’ll be happy.  :)


I try to arrive everywhere with no expectations. It’s one of my personal philosophies. I do my best not to think about what things “should be” or what I want them to be. Instead, I just let them be. So whether I’m celebrating a #decadeofDPR at the stunning Aruba Marriott, running through the six, baring it all at Hedonism II, or living my best life in Barbados, I always arrive happy, open-minded and ready for whatever!

Flashback to having an eye infection in Barbados that caused both of my eyes to swell up like I had been in a fight with Floyd Mayweather. Not exactly an ideal situation for the sunny, sandy locale, but nothing a pair of $10 sunnies, good company and some laughs couldn’t fix. <3

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Travel Tips
Alexandria Autry

A born wander and ex "military brat", this girl is used to life on the go. Originally from Washington, D.C., Alex doesn’t mind staying warm in Magic City. When she’s not cheering on the Redskins, Heat or Hurricanes, you can catch her brunching in the Gables with her frenchie pup, or anywhere with sun, sand and a mimosa in hand.

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