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Instagram, my New-Found Source for Sports News

Instagram, my New-Found Source for Sports News
Jenice Bastidas

Sports fans everywhere, I’m back with more social news… let’s talk social media! With college football almost over, and NBA games in full effect, there’s no better time to welcome you guys to my new found love for Instagram. Instagram has changed the game and although Twitter is still a high contender for delivering quick sports news updates, Instagram has made great use of its platform to provide quick news AND exclusive videos.

Now that I am no longer a Diamond PR newbie, days have become a little busier filled with all sorts of new tasks, the PR industry always needs all hands on deck! With that being said, taking quick breaks to read through my Twitter updates has become more difficult to conquer, as you can imagine, the tweets can seem endless if you miss even one game. But the sports gods have answered my prayers and have pointed me to Instagram. Now, I love Instagram, it’s a great social tool to keep up with friends and post the occasional selfie, but using it’s stories’ feature to keep up with my favorite sports teams is simply AMAZING.

So I’ve decided to gather up my top five favorite reasons for utilizing this platform. Maybe this will aid you as you battle between Twitter and Instagram to receive your daily updates, is visual appeal going to lead? Nonetheless, I still receive notifications from both and I couldn’t be happier! :)

  1. Exclusive Videos: Now yes, I know Twitter gives you the occasional video with a tweet but Instagram’s Stories  is on another level. With live footage recaps on the best plays, players and scores there’s no need to read them when you can watch a quick, well-designed video.
  2. Insta-Posts Just Got More Epic: Have you guys seen those slo-mo shots of the players? I see many NBA teams taking advantage of this option, showing off epic moments in the game, which is great because sometimes plays happen so quickly we miss noteworthy moments!
  3. Who Needs Retweets When you can Reshare and SAVE: Like I said before, yes I am fully aware Twitter sometimes posts videos, but Instagram’s reshare option (yes you have to get an additional app if you want to repost, but YOLO) allows you to show your followers your favorite game moments, plus you can also save a video for later when it calls for further analysis (did he really make that shot?).
  4. Boomerangs Make any Bucket Look Good: Being a Kyrie Irving fan (Go Celtics!), I should be used to seeing buckets every game, but the boomerang option makes his jump shots look like they’re out of this world, his leg game is too strong.
  5. Obviously, They Provide the News we all Need: Yes, I can choose to go to Twitter to read a quick analysis of each play and shot percentage, BUT I can also go to Instagram and see a recap showcasing the starting players, their game averages, and the final score, which is all I really need to get me through the day.

So there you have it, my top five reasons why Instagram is wining in my sports updates realm. Now it’s your turn to choose… will Twitter stay on top or will Instagram take the lead?

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Jenice Bastidas

A proud FSU graduate and South Florida native, Jenice is a fun loving girl with a serious obsession for Family Guy. She considers herself a home body but is not afraid to take a stroll into the night life scene every so often. You can find her reading up on the latest NBA news or getting her butt kicked at her YouFit’s insanity classes.

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