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Media We Love: Aly Walansky

Media We Love: Aly Walansky
Julia Cavalieri

Mono-Moons: the rise of solo travel and where to go right now.
Seven women share what they wish they knew on day one of their weight loss journeys.
Dunkin’ Donuts will warm our darkest days with coffee-flavored beer. 
Here’s how to know if your dreamlike experiences are something more serious. 
The force is with these Star Wars-inspired honeymoons. 

What do all of these eccentric titles have in common?
They’re just a small sampling of stories that have run in the past 30 days stamped with an Aly Walansky byline.

In honor of her birthday week, and also in honor of her being one of the top freelancers in the game, and generally just one of my favorite people, I wanted to put the spotlight on this Brooklyn-based #girlboss for the Diamond Public Relations Media We Love series.

From her apartment in NYC, this media machine churns out as many as six articles a day — and in between sips of coffee and wine, Aly juggles topics that span from the safety of doing planks while you’re pregnant, to Instagram-worthy bachelorette parties, to the breaking news story on Starbuck’s 2018 holiday cup release for top outlets like, and about a gazillion others. Basically, she is goals.

In between the flurry of 800+ emails Aly receives a day during #GiftGuideSeason, she took a minute to promptly answer a few of my burning questions, because that’s how awesome she is. We’re a little bit obsessed with you, Aly. Happy birthday!

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever been? How about your dream destination? 
I LOVE Italy. I think I was there last year six times? And I’m hankering to go back. I just love the people, the wine, the food, the scenic backdrops. I’ve also had amazing experiences in Ireland, England, Scotland. Basically just dump me in the UK or send me to Tuscany, and I”m great. I do have a few dream destinations, or places I’d love to return to. I’ve never been to Greece and would LOVE to go there. I’ve also yet to be in Paris, how wild is that?!

What’s the craziest press trip experience you’ve ever had? 
It’s not sexy, at all, but I was once in Cancun, got dehydrated, and passed out on a deck over a water full of baracudas. It was like 6 years ago and I’m STILL terrified of getting in the water. (Well, that and I hate getting my hair wet.)

What was the best pitch you ever received & what did you love about it?
Wasn’t travel related, but I once received a pitch from a skincare brand that included a collage of photos of my dog. It just made me feel so good.

Since you work from home as a freelancer, describe what it’s like when you’re “in the zone” and on deadline. 
Usually, 90s ballads in the background, and a rotating menu of coke zero, wine, and coffee.

What do you love most about your job? 
The freedom. That I work hard, but i work hard in my pjs. That I can travel and just work from there. There’s no one I need to ask for a day off, I just go.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing? 
Believe it or not, a lawyer. I even took my LSATs and did really well! But, writing is so much more fun.


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Julia Cavalieri

Julia landed in the Miami by way of Washington, DC, after trading politics for paradise and the pursuit of Cuban coffee. Fueled by Florida sunshine, Julia bikes, boats and rollerblades her way to new experiences, and is loving life with her funny feline sidekick, Zooey.

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