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Instagram like a Pro

Instagram like a Pro
Toni parker

If you follow any of us here at Diamond PR, you’ll know we’re all big fans of “doing it for the gram”. Not only are we constantly curating content, working with influencers, and managing accounts on behalf of our clients, we’re also documenting our own fabulous travel photos and weekend outings fairly regularly.

As Instagram constantly changes, the ways in which we’re able get the most out of posts changes too. To help you stay on top of your IG game, I’ve put together a few tips on how you too can ‘gram like a pro.


The most followed Instagram accounts often have one thing in common: a theme. Whether it’s a color palette or the type of content you post, a unique theme is what typically catches the eye of new potential followers. If you love bright, colorful photos that make you think of the tropics, brighten up your images or edit the exposure to keep that aesthetic consistent. The trick to creating a unique theme is to always think of your next photo as it relates to your previous ones. [See an example below of our very own @jecavalieri’s sunny, colorful theme.] Need some inspiration? Click here for few examples of amazing themes and how to recreate them.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.41.39 PM




You’ve picked a theme and now it’s time to start editing. Unless you’re a professional photographer, it’s not always easy to get great lighting or exposure, especially when you’re out and about. Luckily, there are a ton of FREE and easy-to-use apps for quick and efficient photo editing to make your images really pop. A few of my faves are VSCO (for more trendy filters), Afterlight (to create your own custom filters), and Facetune (to touch up things like blemishes, stains, or even wrinkles, shhhh..).



Clogging your photo with a ton of hashtags is a major IG faux pas. Yes, hashtags help you expand your reach but contrary to the popular phrase, you in fact can have too much of a good thing.

Instagram allows up to about 30 hashtags (without being flagged as spam) which is more than enough to make your post visible. Put one or two in your actual photo caption, then add the rest in the comment section below the image to de-clutter. Doing this ensures people aren’t assaulted by a bunch of hashtags as they’re scrolling through their feed, while still getting that added exposure. On that note — it’s important to remember that very generic hashtags like #love #happy or #food will get your photo lost in the millions of others that use those hashtags. Use more niche hashtags to connect you to specific audiences to help garner more likes.



Finally, it’s very important to but be interactive. Since Instagram no longer shows you photos in chronological order, maintaining engagement is one of the few ways to ensure your photos are getting in front of your followers eyes. Be sure to like your followers posts, comment on their photos, tag them in photos, tag other brands and locations. This not only connects you to likeminded users but people will also be more inclined to like and comment on your photos as well.

That’s it! Follow these four simple rules and you could be on your way to becoming the next big influencer! Be sure to stay in touch and follow us on Instagram @diamondpr.

Happy ‘gramming.

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Social Talk
Toni parker

When she’s not jamming to 90's music or capturing instagrammable moments abroad, you can catch this island girl at the beach with her toes in the sand and a cocktail in hand.

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