PR is PR

PR is PR
Lisa Schwartz

About four months ago I decided I needed a big life change so I took a leap of faith and moved across the country from LA to Miami to start a new job as an account executive here at Diamond PR. Having never stepped foot in Diamond PR’s offices and only meeting Jody and Kara once, I was nervous, compounded by the fact that I had just spent the last four years immersed in the Hollywood industry doing digital entertainment PR which is a far cry from travel and tourism. But I knew I loved to travel and I knew I loved PR, so I put all my faith in that.

What I have since learned is that PR is PR, no matter how you slice it. The basic principles and practices are the same for almost any industry you’re working in. First and foremost, determine your clients’ goals and objectives. Secondly, develop a creative strategy to fulfill those goals and reach a target demographic with a specific message. Thirdly, identify the key media players who are going to help you inform that target audience. Fourth, be incredibly succinct, responsive and charming and solidify those important relationships with writers, bloggers and editors.

As I continue to learn so much about this industry every day from the media I work with and our incredible female-driven Diamond PR team, it’s reassuring to know that I can always count on the tried and true PR practices that I’ve always known.  However, what is great about this digital age of constant shift and change is that you can always rewrite the rules, find a new way to reach an audience, utilize a social media tool in a way that’s never been done before…and this is a place that definitely encourages that. What this transition has taught me more than anything is that it’s important to use what you know works but you can never stop growing and thinking outside your own box. Especially not for us members of Generation Flux.


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Lisa Schwartz

Though she loves to travel almost anywhere, Lisa’s preferred spots are near the sun and sand. When not on the beach you’ll find her in a pretzel-like position practicing her yoga or browsing the latest fashion trends online.

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